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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dog Ruins Marriage Proposal

You know those moments where you say "dang, I wish I had that on film"? Yeah, well that's what this dog owner is saying right about now.

The probably is that they totally would have had it on film, but he got so excited when the dude popped the question, he went all kinds of crazy and the hidden camera unfortunately happened to be in his path.

Fortunately, she said yes and an update on the post says that they recently welcomed a baby daughter...however they made no mention of still having the proposal-hating puppy!

(h/t Mashable)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Dog Fails to Brighten Your Day

Don't get the wrong idea....we LOOOOVVVEEE dogs, but these are just a little too funny not to pass on. Side note: Due to the statement above, please don't send us a dog fail where it looks like the pooch might have gotten hurt. We don't dig those and won't pub them.

F. BeeShocK/YouTube

F. BeeShocK/YouTube

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kid Totally Ruins Her Baby Brother's First Steps

Well, now we know who the ham in the family is. This adorable little boy was just getting ready to have the biggest moment of his babyhood and his sister totally crashed the party.

The poor guy had totally just finished psyching himself up for his big adventure, he's got his little black feetie pajamas on and just when he finally commits to it...bam! The sister appears, trying to make sure her mug is included in the video. Mission accomplished.

Fortunately, the parents have a good sense of humor and posted the video on YouTube so we could all laugh with them. "Baby's first steps....nevermind," the video is appropriately titled.

(h/t Mashable)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Jackson Won't Take a Bath, But He Will Take a Walk

Poor Jackson! He's all happy and having a great day and then his owner drops a bath bomb and he takes a dive under the bed--and the way his legs stick out when he's trying to slither under there is nothing short of hilarious.

Just when we were starting to miss the little guy, she suggests that they change the activity from bathing to walking and he's like "woooohooo!!!!" and he comes flying out from under the bed frame.

Then, because we all love to play jokes on our dogs, she says the "B" word again and...he's back under the bed. Unfortunately, even though he has a pretty good comprehension of the English language, there is no way he could understand what "just kidding" means. But, it's still cute.

Since they ended on "walk," we're really hoping there isn't a part two to this video and that when she put the camera down, Jackson found himself outside enjoying the fresh air and not standing in the tub with his tail between his legs.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Amazing Mobility Harness Allows Parents to Help Disabled Kids Experience the Feeling of Walking

File this one under brilliant...and touching...and any other heart-happy adjective you can think of. This Upsee mobility harness gives parents of special needs children an opportunity to allow them to feel what it likes to walk--in the closest possible way that they can.

The product was just launched on April 7, but parents are already taking to YouTube to share their amazing stories and to let us share in the joy of their child experiencing the feeling of walking for the first time.

Currently, the Upsee harness fits kids ages 3-8 and costs $540 plus shipping. Worth every penny when you see the joy on these kids' faces.

A Creeper's Best Friend: Cell Phone Case Takes Sneaky Pics

Is this cool...or creepy or a little bit of both? Guess it depends on who's holding the case, but it's definitely a dream come true for all the creepers out there.

What is it? According to the description, it's a "case for the iPhone 5/5s with a built in lens to make it easier for Parents & Pros to capture great photographs." Basically, what that means is that you can pretend like you're texting and be snapping a sneaky photo of someone.

It would definitely come in handy for anyone who's tried to snap a funny photo without the victim knowing and it's super awkward to have your phone pointed directly at them and try to play it off like you're not doing exactly what you're doing.

The phone case is part of a kickstarter campaign and it already has over 500 backers, but they still have a ways to go before they reach their $80,000 goal.

Unfortunately, we don't really see the benefit of this one outweighing the potential misuse. Do you guys think people would abuse this product? And what is a "legit" use for it, anyway? If you want to take a pic of your pals, why would it make the photo any better if the phone wasn't pointed at them?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Cat With a Conscience Cleans Up After Himself

We know, we know...the last thing you need in your life is another cat video from the Internet. We totally feel 'ya, but this one is actually worth the minute to watch. Cats playing with toilet paper is SO last year's YouTube craze, but this cat just went next level on us and we don't hate it.