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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Guy Passed His Classes, But Failed His Graduation Stunt

Robert Jeffrey Blank thought he was going to make history by doing a backflip at his graduation...and he will be talked about for awhile, just not in the way he was probably hoping.

During his graduation from Davenport University, Robert decided to showboat and do a backflip on stage after he accepted his diploma and shook the University President's hand.

The handshake went totally fine. Then, when it came time for the backflip, Robert ate it...hard. In the video above, you can hear the thud of him accidentally body-slamming the stage.

Unfortunately, it's just off-camera so we don't get to see exactly how it...or he...went down. From the sounds of it, though, it was a pretty epic WWE-style slam.

The worst part is that he totally ruined his classmate Keaton Taylor Briggs' big moment. Keaton played it pretty cool, but if we were him, we would have been super pissed. Then again, he did inadvertently become a part of viral video history at Robert's expense, so we'll call it even.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Cute Dog Video...Just Because

This dog wants to check out the kittens that were just born. He is so sweet the way he just peeks over and knows not to disturb the mama and her babies.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Now these are some smart dudes. The question was "We asked 100 married men: Which of the Seven Dwarfs describes your wife in bed?" Yeah, the people taking the survey got to be anonymous. These guys' wives are probably standing right there. No amount of money could make up for the hell they'd have to pay as soon as the cameras turned off. So, what did they do? Check it out.

In case you're not up on your Snow White trivia.

The options were:


Well played, gentlemen!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ronald McDonald just got a modern makeover and it's...we don't like it, let's just put it that way. At first, we were like "What did the old Ronald McDonald look like?" Obviously, we knew about the red/yellow color palette, but beyond that, he was pretty much just a weird clown that we didn't want showing up at our birthday party (unless he brought McRibs, then he could stay).

The New Ronald will be snapping selfies because he's cool like that...and he's got even redder hair than before. Also, it looks like he's using some high-quality salon style conditioner because this mop looks much healthier than the old one.

Why the makeover? Who knows, but for the most part, ba da da da da....people aren't lovin' it.

More Dogs Dancing...Because Who Can Ever Get Enough?

Last week, we gave you a dog and a cat dancing. Judging by the overwhelming response to the dog dancing, we decided to use our best scouring skills and sniff out a few more pups gettin' their groove on.

This guy's owner was probably teasing him with a treat, but we don't really care how he did it, it's amazing.

Then, there's this pup who's all legs.

...but pooch who just totally won our unofficial dog dancing contest is definitely the Chihuahua in this video (it's a compilation and he's the first one, but if you stick around to watch the others, you won't hate yourself for it).

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dog Ruins Marriage Proposal

You know those moments where you say "dang, I wish I had that on film"? Yeah, well that's what this dog owner is saying right about now.

The probably is that they totally would have had it on film, but he got so excited when the dude popped the question, he went all kinds of crazy and the hidden camera unfortunately happened to be in his path.

Fortunately, she said yes and an update on the post says that they recently welcomed a baby daughter...however they made no mention of still having the proposal-hating puppy!

(h/t Mashable)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Dog Fails to Brighten Your Day

Don't get the wrong idea....we LOOOOVVVEEE dogs, but these are just a little too funny not to pass on. Side note: Due to the statement above, please don't send us a dog fail where it looks like the pooch might have gotten hurt. We don't dig those and won't pub them.

F. BeeShocK/YouTube

F. BeeShocK/YouTube